Hollywood History

This fabulous sea front property has a history shrouded in the glamour and glitz of Hollywood. Built for David Stein, the brother of Jules Stein, the founder of MCA Recording Company and later the owner of Universal Studios in Hollywood, the villa breathes the ancient glory of the sixties when many glamorous superstars of the era stayed here as guests of Mr Stein.

Rumor has it that the decision to make Ronald Reagan president of America was taken in this house, as described in the book Dark Victory; MCA, Ronald Reagan and the MOB written by Dan Moldea.

The two guest books from the Stein years have been retained in the possession of the Stein family. Many of the guests took extraordinary trouble to write poems and to make drawings and paintings inspired by their stay at Casa Blanca. – the guest book reads like a “who’s who” of the 50s and 60s.

Famous Names


Otto Preminger

Jean Seberg

Humphrey Bogart

James Stewart

Phil Silvers

Greta Garbo

Bill Lunt

Leslie Caron

Hedda Hopper

Rouben Mamoulian

Harold Prince

Stella Adler

Mervyn LeRoy

Anatole Litvak

Lauren Bacall

Gregory Peck

Lewis Milestone

William Wyler

Charles Boyer

Kirk Douglas

Alfred Hitchcock

Henry Mancini

Arthur Rubinstein

Jean Renoir


Cleveland Amory

Art Buchwald

George Plimpton

Truman Capote

John Steinbeck

Romain Gary

William Saroyan


Frank Stanton

Dwight Eisenhower

Lew Wasserman

Ronald Reagan

Perle Mesta

Walter Hirshon

Philip Iselin

Gloria Vanderbilt

Prince Alexander Hohenlohe

Princess Caroline de Hanovre


Tony Trabert

Maureen Connolly